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For a healthy happy life, it is essential that one gets the most ideal mattress to sleep on — the kind of mattress that fits with a person’s unique body features. If you are looking for a good place to buy a new mattress then you should consider visiting the discount mattress store serving St. Petersburg. We will give you an entirely unique shopping experience, because we are providing you with discount mattresses every time you come to our store.


Discount Wholesale Mattress Warehouse serving St. Petersburg, FL


The Mattress Warehouse supplies genuine quality mattresses at unbelievably cheap prices. They are not cheap mattresses, but quality mattresses at cheap prices. We sell discount mattresses so that a good night’s sleep is in anyone’s budget.

At Wholesale Mattress Warehouse serving St. Petersburg, FL, we offer totally different discount mattresses which allow our customers to save 55% to 80% off on every mattress in our warehouse. We take this more seriously than any other business you will probably ever encounter. For over 8 years now, we have had this price guarantee prominently displayed in our warehouse. No one has found a lower price than what we offer.


Here are the reasons why St. Petersburg, FL Mattress Store is the favored choice of many customers:


  • Quality Products at the Lowest Possible Price
    You will be amazed at the incredible savings you’ll get once you purchase a mattress from us. We offer quality products at the lowest possible price along with customer service second to none. The Mattress Warehouse has the right prices and quality mattress available for you to decide on your new mattress today.
  • Huge Inventory of Mattresses
    The Mattress Warehouse has an immense inventory of mattresses to choose from in our showroom. You can compare our price list with others and you will see exactly how much you can save when you purchase your mattress from the Mattress Warehouse serving the St. Petersburg area.
  • 200% Cash Back Price Guarantee
    The mattress warehouse is full of discounted mattress but aside from offering you the discounted prices right away, we also give you a 200% cash back price guarantee to all our mattresses. You will receive refund of 200% of the difference in instant cash if you ever find a comparable mattress of lower price somewhere else!
  • No Overhead
    We make an extra effort in cutting every possible penny out of our overhead because we too do not want it to cut into our strategic mattress pricing system. We have gotten rid of everything that costs you money. We have very few employees, operate in low overhead warehouses rather than expensive showrooms, and spend virtually no money on advertising.
  • Various Payment Options
    We are happy to offer the convenience of processing your credit card, but if you remember to bring cash or a check, we will not have to raise prices to pay for the card processing fees.
  • Free Delivery
    For our customer’s convenience, we have free delivery within 15 miles of our location (except for the three cheapest sets). For locations outside 15 miles, just add $2 / mile for each mile outside the 15 mile radius.


For more information, call us today at 727-742-4549 . The best prices you will ever see, guaranteed, for life!

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